Igor D. Górewicz

Consider, then do not hesitate

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I was born in Szczecin on October 24th, 1976. I am a father, husband, son, citizen of Szczecin, a Pole, Slav, European, a historical reenactor, “Triglavian”, Jomsviking, professional Viking, warrior, voivod (war leader), an author, publisher, organizer, vocalist, producer, popularizer, and a cold steel admirer. All of this comes in one. My name is Igor D. Górewicz.

The year of 1976 when I was born was strangely predictive of my fascinations:

  • in 776 B.C., the first ancient Olympic Games took place in Olympia, which is considered as the beginning of the Archaic Period in Greek culture. This period, along with the Classical one, is particularly interesting to me; -
  • in 476 A.C., the last Western Emperor abdicated, which marks the fall of Rome, and a milestone between ancient history and Middle Ages in Europe, the second of my great passions. I was born exactly 1500 years later.

No worries, I do not feel I have any special mission to fulfill.