Igor D. Górewicz

Consider, then do not hesitate

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Historical reenactment is associated with traveling and fighting. I love both. Even though I have an established home, I have to be on the move. Near or far. Two weeks still and I become unpleasant to those around me. It is important that I have somewhere to go back. I have traveled quite a considerable distance on land, sea and air. I have presented history and ancient culture, I have trained myself and others, and I have fought in many places. I cannot show you everything, and there is no such need, but some of the roads I treaded were more important than others. And everywhere, there were the museums and monuments - a nightmare for all those accompanying me. I never had enough of them.

Iceland, 2005

Slavs in Iceland.

Texas, 2005.

Viking Invasion, or Jomsvikings in Texas.

Geiselwind, Germany, 2005

World rally of Manowar fans and Eartshaker Festival.

India, 2005

Delegation to the council of the World Congress of Ethnic Religions and Cultures conference.

Hastings, United Kingdom, 2006

The Battle of Hastings 940 years later, 1066-2006.

Iceland, 2006

With Manowar on tour and stage, 2007.

Different city every night. Shows for tens of thousands of fans.

Majorca, Spain, 2010

Having filled up the paperwork and I finally was a Jomsviking.

Quebeck, Canada, 2012

As a voivode, I went to train the feisty Vinlandian warriors in battle tactics and swear them as East Storm, Jombsborg members. The training was accompanied by a Bastard du Nord concert, sightseeing and a wild boar hunt with spears and knives.

New York, 2012

Moscow, 2016

With a few Triglavists as part of a Jomsviking and Jomsborg delegation at the "Battle of a thousand swords". Exploration of the capital of the Tsars by Vikings from the West was reported in the television.