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Books are not just a passion for me. They are my day job. I surround myself with them when I’m working and when I’m traveling. I have been lucky to be able to create books for a living.

I have authored dozens of articles of popular science articles, along with scientific and journalistic ones since 1999, in the fields of the history and archeology of the Slavs, military history, historical reenactment, Slavonic mythology, history of ideas, religious studies, culture and politics. They were printed in such magazines as Focus, Z Otchłani Wieków, Mare Integrans, Archeologia Żywa, Gazeta Rycerska, Pro Memoria, Wędrowiec Zachodniopomorski, Państwo i Społeczeństwo and others.


Focus 2005 - Najazd Słowian na Konungahelę


In 2007, when I published the first volume of Viking Age Ornamental Design (the “red book which was later green”, famous in the community), I launched by publishing company - Triglav.


wydawnictwo triglav


I continue to write books, so today i am both an author and a publisher.

My books


okladka wlasciwa

"O Słowianach. Piastowie, legendy i niewolnicy", Szczecin 2023

In Polish. It treats about Gallus Anonymus' Chronicles about origines of Polish state confronted with newest archaeological data, but mainly about Slavery on Slavic lands and Slavic Slaves in the West and distant Islamic countries.

okladka wlasciwa

"Miecze Europy", wyd. II poprawione i poszerzone, Szczecin-Warszawa 2021

In Polish. Second edition of "Swords of Europe" book.

okladka wlasciwa

"O broni Słowian. Na wojnie i w kulturze", Poznań - Szczecin 2020

In Polish. The book on 660 pages treats about arms and armour used by different Slavic armies.


Borek okladka front 150dpi

"Borek i legendarne początki Polski", Szczecin 2020

Second part of Borek adventures. This time he goes back in time to withess legendary events at beginnings of Polish state. Book for children and youth 8-14 yrs.


o wojownikach

"O wojownikach Słowian. Drużyny i bitwy na lądzie i morzu", Poznań-Szczecin 2019

In Polish. It treats about organisation of different Slavic armies, tactics at sea and land battles between 6 and 12 cent.


igor d. g rewic 538dae5faf710.min

"Древние славяне" Большой иллюстрированный альбом, Moskwa 2019;

Russian edition of "Poznaj Słowian" album.


borek audio 1 okladka 2

Borek i Bogowie Słowian audiobook, Szczecin 2017

In Polish. Read by Wojciech Żołądkowicz

Original background music by the band Percival (Mikołaj Rybacki, Katarzyna Bromirska) The song “Borek i Bogowie Słowian”, by Krzysztof Konieczny, lyrics by Joanna Lacher, Igor Górewicz, Katarzyna Bromirska, arrangement by Mikołaj Rybacki.


Konungahela okladka przod

Konungahela 1136. Słowiańska wyprawa graphic novel script, Szczecin 2016

In Polish. On the 880th anniversary of the invasion of Konungahela (1136-2016). The story of the large-scale Wend expedition by Prince Racibor and conquest of the royal city of Konugahela, Norway. This true story was recorded in an Icelandic saga by Snórriego Sturlason. The graphic novel reveals details of tactics and military organization of the Pomeranian Slavs, their intelligence operations, command, and cooperation of their troops on the see, horseback and land. It describes the battle scenes on boats, marksmen’s duels, heroic rescues and cowardly retreats, battle rages and defenders’ desperation, in vivid colors.


ang zdobnictwo 3

Viking and Slavic Ornamental Design vol 3, Szczecin 2016

In English. Nine years have passed since the original release of Volume I. In recent years, mass culture has reminded its viewers, readers, listeners and gamers of the existence of Vikings – and also Slavs. The growing importance of re-enactment for the popularization of history and archaeology also had played its role. Also, the rapprochement between East and West of Europe in various fields, including historical sciences, has contributed to a better understanding of the era of interest. The new perspectives and discoveries both in the field and the office have been reflected by exhibitions and new publications.


polska zdobnictwo 3

“Zdobnictwo wczesnego średniowiecza. Tom III” Szczecin 2016

Viking and Slavic Ornamental Design, Polish Edition.


okladka miecze.czer.front

Miecze Europy, Szczecin-Warszawa 2015

In Polish. Igor Górewicz follows the history and symbolism of the sword across over 3,400 years since its emergence in the Bronze Age to the seventeenth century, when it transformed into other types of weapons. The author presents the evolution of sword-making technology, shapes, sizes and methods of use, symbolic and ritual associations, the most famous swords in history, and shows the process of forging the Damascus blade. He shows the transfer of technologies and ideas across the ages and regions in the scale of the European continent. The sword and its idea reflects the extremely rich history and culture of Europe. The author uses the world literature on the subject but he does not shun from the Polish point of view. All this is presented in a modern and aesthetic form, with beautiful photographs, dozens of original graphics and diagrams arranged in a brief story of the sword.


11908583 10205887037188295 3341423695233535816 o

Wał Pomorski 1945. Uzbrojenie i wyposażenie walczących formacji, Szczecin 2015 (co-author)

In Polish. The full-color charts show the silhouettes of the Polish Army soldiers, Red Army soldiers and formations fighting for the Third Reich. The arranged scenes are often modeled on the original war photographs. They are supplemented by additional shots of the uniforms, equipment and weapons, with plenty of detail and close-ups. The hundreds of photos are the result of photo sessions organized over several years in studios and in open air. The presentations have been based on the rich collection of the still unpublished photos known among collectors, supplemented by resources of reenactment groups and museums. Authors of the descriptions are activists creating of the Pomeranian Wall Museum in Wałcz and a well-known historical reenactor from Szczecin. The extensive introduction to the book was written by an eminent expert on the subject of the Pomeranian Wall, Boguslaw Perzyk, PhD.


igor d. g rewic 538dae5faf710.min

Poznaj Słowian, Szczecin 2014, 2017

In Polish. The Meet the Slavs album by Igor D. Górewicz is the first issue of a friendly book that presents the culture of old Slavs based on the work of historical reenactors. The book has an innovative graphic design which consists of a selection of over 200 photographs taken during photo sessions in many open-air museums in Wolin, Torgelov, in other open air locations and in photo studios. Dozens of top-level historical reenactors and craftsmen from across Poland, Germany and Belarus present their creations - copies of archaeological artifacts and a review of the various areas of daily life, from food, housing, strongholds, and hygiene to raising children, trade, main crafts, military activity to holidays and funeral customs. The album’s release supported the Marshal of the West Pomeranian Province. The media patrons were TVP Historia and the Bielik Foundation.


igor d. g rewic 53fdeb9b3b01c.min

Borek and the Slavonic Gods, Szczecin 2014

In English. Discover Slavonic mythology! Find a treasure hidden by holy men of old! Travel in time with Borek and tread mythical lands, sacred groves, wondrous places and the dark underworld. Scud the sky on the back of a proud black horse and beware of the great wild boar and the werewolves. Meet warriors, seers, guardians of the fire and spinners of fate. Explore the authentic ancient pantheon of the Slavonic Gods. The first novel to introduce children and young readers to the old beliefs of the Slavs.


vendel design 52fe1a42da862.min

Vendel and Dark Age Ornamental Design, Szczecin 2014

In. English. In this Catalogue we took a closer look at buckles, metal elements, horns, swords, helmets, shields, brooches, pendants and we extracted ornaments placed on them. The selection of materials focused in particular on certain regions, including Scandinavia and England. The most extremely decorative and characteristic findings of Gotland’s Vendel era are the most extensively presented ones. The collection of motifs copied from helmets and shields found in the graves of elite warriors at Vendel and Valsgärde is especially eye capturing. Among the English designs, attention is drawn to the diverse and rich collection coming from the famous royal burial at Sutton Hoo.The catalog is closed with descriptions of the locations of each find, the most accurate dating, cultural context, and possible symbolic meaning—where possible. The internal cross-references will help the reader get a glimpse of aesthetic the realities of the era, or deliberately select a particular ornament.


igor d. g rewic 528636e16f2b0.min

Mieczem pisane. Odtwórcologia, Szczecin 2013

In Polish. Igor D. Górewicz has been involved in historical reenactment since 1998. In his pursuit of history, with a sword at his belt, he treaded thousands of kilometers visiting countless places in Poland, other European countries, and even Iceland, the USA, Canada and India. He popularized the memory of the past and life in accordance with the old values. He portrayed in the old Slav, the Viking, the Germanic barbarian, the soldier\, the prince, the king, the pirate. He collected experiences, believing that history should not only be taught but also experienced. He shares some of these experiences in the book, proving that it is possible not only to travel in space, but also in time.


borek ukr

Борек і Боги Слов'ян, Mandriviec, Ternopil (Ukraine 2012

The Ukrainian edition of story presenting the beliefs of our ancestors to children. Written for children, it contains a quite considerable amount of knowledge on the native Gods of the Slavs and constitutes a specific non-encyclopedic compendium. The main character, Borek, travels in time to visit the Slavic countries and meet various Gods. He gets to ride Triglav’s black horse, he is carried away by bard Boyan’s singing, he flees the great boar of Radgost, he meets werewolves, Rodzhanitsas and Leshyi. His mission is to find the golden statuette of Triglav, which is to be hidden in a tree hollow by the Slavic priests. This educational book popularizes learning through adventure. It is written in a fantasy convention, however, it does not incorporate any elements outside of Slavic mythology.


die ornamentik 4e1b33df18bbb.min

Die Ornamentik des Frühen Mittelalters band 2, Szczecin 2011

(In German) Die Empfänger des Bandes „Die Ornamentik des frühen Mittelalters" sind auch Künstler, die in den alten Kulturen na ch Inspirationen suchen, Projektanten, Designer, Computergrafiker und Schöpfer der Internetseiten, die stilvolle Verzierungen und Rahmen brauchen, Tätowierer und Liebhaber, welche eines unserer Flechtwerke rund um den Arm platzieren und mit einem Figur- oder Pflanzenmotiv den Rücken oder die Wade schmücken.


viking and slav 4e1b3307cd1e1.min

Viking and Slavic Ornamental Design vol 2, Szczecin 2011

After four years since the release of volume one, the demand for our graphic collection did not decrease, subsequent editions, reprints and an English translation occurred. Historic re-enactors and enthusiasts of the Viking Age in many countries consumed the dish that we have prepared and demand more. Thus we present 258 new, yet old designs. Selection of patterns was executed following the example of the first edition, but vol. 2. contains two thematic groups. The first one is a collection of redraws of stunning reliefs accumulated on only two objects, mainly the so called Kamień and Bamberg reliquaries, which are justly considered masterpieces. The form of the second group is much simpler, yet symbolically richer, it consists of simple representations of gods and other creatures from the Slavic and northern-Germanic mythology of the Viking Age.


zdobnictwo wcze 4e08257463cf8.min

Zdobnictwo wczesnego średniowiecza. Tom II Szczecin 2011

Polish edition.



Broszura okolicz 4c494dd7f3748 1

Szczecin 1945... Obejmowaliśmy Szczecin takim, jaki był, Szczecin 2010 (booklet)

In Polish. The booklet was published on the occasion of the final capture of Szczecin by the Polish authorities. It was first presented during the historical performance entitled Szczecin 1945 organized by Trzygłów - Pokazy historyczne and the Szczecin Art Agenc on July 4th at 5 Lipca street in Szczecin as part of the city’s jubilee where it was distributed to the public.


okadka folder

Dekada Wojowników 1999-2009. Drużyna Grodu Trzygłowa. Trzygłów-Pokazy Historyczne, Szczecin 2009, (booklet)

In Polish. 28 full color pages contain the story of the Drużyna Grodu Trzygłowa historical reenactment group and the activity of the Trzygłów-Pokazy historyczne company. The structure, main events, achievements, travels and projects of the group are presented. The content is arranged chronologically and according to the subject. Each year of the group’s activity has a title which jokingly refers to the history of Poland. The most important projects and events are placed in thematic frames. The booklet contains over 250 photographs.


igor d. g rewic 4b44a3ac9ae88.min

Borek i Bogowie Słowian Szczecin 2009; 2014, 2017

(In Polish) Poland’s first children’s novel about the beliefs of our ancestors. Written for children, it contains a quite considerable amount of knowledge on the native Gods of the Slavs and constitutes a specific non-encyclopedic compendium. The main character, Borek, travels in time to visit the Slavic countries and meet various Gods. He gets to ride Triglav’s black horse, he is carried away by bard Boyan’s singing, he flees the great boar of Radgost, he meets werewolves, Rodzhanitsas and Leshyi. His mission is to find the golden statuette of Triglav, which is to be hidden in a tree hollow by the Slavic priests. This educational book popularizes learning through adventure. It is written in a fantasy convention, however, it does not incorporate any elements outside of Slavic mythology.


viking and slav 4b44510271f8c.min

Viking and Slavic Ornamental Design with Rus Add-On Szczecin 2009

As an author and publisher, I would like to offer you a new book, Viking and Slavic Ornamental Design. Graphical Catalogue with Rus Add-On. - a catalogue of 343 authentic graphic designs in 2D. Collated mainly from the Viking Age but in some cases later (C8th-C12th), they are sourced not only from Scandinavia, but also from Germany, Central Europe (eg. Wolin) and Russia. They've been drawn from a vast selection of artifacts - hilts, crossguards, pottery, jewellery, manuscripts, bone and wood carvings etc. Each and every pattern has an English description with its date, origin, place it was found, and meaning, where possible).


zdobnictwo wcze 4b44517daf2fc.min

Zdobnictwo Wczesnego Średniowiecza. Katalog graficzny z dodatkiem RUŚ WYDANIE II POSZERZONE

(In Polish. Second extended edition) The title accurately reflects the content of the book which contains graphic interpretations of decorative motifs and ornaments appearing on objects used in the Viking Age, more or less from the eighth to the end of the twelfth century. In the center of interest is the decorative motif itself, be it a rosette, a popular plait, a floral ornament, a figural representation or a specifically captured symbol. The query concerning the material included almost all the areas visited by the Vikings and those inhabited by all Slavs, as well as the countries with which our ancestors entered into the most frequent contacts.


zdobnictwo wcze 4b444f3e047ff.min

Zdobnictwo wczesnego średniowiecza. Katalog graficzny Szczecin 2007. 2nd extended Polish edition, Szczecin 2009

The first book on the Polish market entirely devoted to the subject of ornamentation in the Viking Age.

For the Slavs, Vikings, artists, craftsmen, everyday item designers, graphic designers, web designers, painters and tattoo enthusiasts, historians and art historians, students, art schools and all those loving ancient culture, its beauty and aesthetics.


stosunki niemeicko rosyjskie

Stosunki niemiecko-rosyjskie 1989-1999 Warszawa 2001

In Polish. The book allows the reader to pursue the last 10 years of German and Russian foreign policy, allowing one to get to know both the strategic goals of Poland’s eastern and western neighbors, and her minority between them. Poland surely is no longer treated as the bastard of the Versailles Treaty, but the country is not a subject either in their relations, as it actually never was in the near and distant past.



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Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna w Szczecinie - Bogowie Słowian. Spotkanie z Igorem Górewiczem
Video books 2
Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna w Szczecinie - Duchowość nadbałtyckich Słowian. Lecture