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It is natural for my profession to be interested in the media. This interest is bilateral. The media are interested in what I do, and I am interested in them because they make it possible for me to show what I do to the general public. I like to talk about my passion and ideas.

I became also the title character in the documentary film “Mój ojciec Igor” (My father Igor), director Grzegorz Fedorowski, documentary by TVP S.A. 2011, broadcast on TVP INFO 6.01.2012 In 2017, BBC sent their reporters to Wolin especially to talk to me, my friends from Triglav and the Polish, English and American Jomsvikings. A Worldhacks series episode was thus filmed, although it happended to be a bit exaggerated and biased.


film moj ojciec igor
“Mój ojciec Igor”, director Grzegorz Fedorowski, documentary by TVP S.A. 2011
film viking therapy
BBC Worldhacks "Viking Therapy"


Radio report: www.bbc.co.uk/programmes
Article: www.bbc.co.uk/news


The media became very interested in my and Kasia’s wedding in 2015, including the Polish public TV and womens’ magazines.


wideo swadzba 1
Kasia i Igor Górewicz, swadźba, Pytanie na śniadanie
wideo swadzba 2
Kasia i Igor Górewicz, swadźba, Teleexpress



wideo media 6
"21st Century Viking Stories" Part 2
wideo media 7
"21st Century Viking Stories" Part 4



There are also some interviews with me in Polish:


szc39 1 1 1Gaz Rycerska2 20060 okladkamy tez jestesmy pionierami 1 1 1dobre rady mini



Jako gość porannego programu TVP1 "Dzień dobry Polsko", 25.10.2017 r.

I was also invited to Radio Szczecin on many occasions.

I was often invited (alone or in the company of my group) to talk show programs:

  • "Rozmowy w toku", TVN, hosted by Ewa Drzyzga, 2003;
  • "Galeria" TV Pomerania (Szczecin), hosted by Beata Użarowska, 2009, twice (with the Triglav publishing team and the medieval band Tryzna);
  • "Galeria Siódemki" (episode 34., 04.06.2009), TV7 (Szczecin), hosted by Beata Użarowska;
  • "Wojowie Grodu Trzygłowa", TV Gryf (Szczecin) "Na językach", hosted by Magdalena Garnuszewska, 2005;