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A whole life of reenactment Yes, I am first and foremost a historical reenactor and I have given all my adult and professional life to this passion.

Slavs and Vikings
Triglav (DGT) - Jomsborg - The Jomsvikings

In 1998, when I was still in university, I founded a group to reconstruct the Slavonic culture, which we named Drużyna Grodu Trzygłowa (DGT). The direct reasons for starting this group are given in my several articles and interviews, and in the book Mieczem pisane. . Thanks to my persistence and faith in what I was doing, I was able to combine passion with work/life balance and shortly after graduation, I completely devoted myself to reenactment. In 2002, I started a business under the name Trzygłów - Pokazy historyczne (Triglav Historical Shows). Since then I have lived for the sword and by the sword, and due to the establishment of my publishing company, I have popularized by beloved Slavdom also with the pen. I would include exhibitions in this area of activity, but I have devoted a separate tab on this website to them.

Still in 2002, I joined my reenactment group (referred to with the acronym: DGT) to the Jomsborg association which we have turned together into the world’s largest army of modern “Vikings”, which now counts about 1000 people and is present on 4 continents and several islands :)

In 2008 I became an owner of a replica of a Slavic rowing and sail boat. In this way, DGT has gained a tool to become true (Slavic equivalent of Vikings), as befits Pomeranians. It was built in Niedamir’s shipyard in Wolin by Mieczyslaw Jusza in 2003 under the name of Światowit . However, I renamed her as Dobrawa and together with my group we conducted a major renovation. The replica is based on one of Wolin’s wreckage finds from the 10th century. It has a structure of a stave boat, held together by wooden pegs. 10.7 m long and a width of 3 m, it is driven by 8-10 oars and a square 20 m 2 sail.

After years of discussion, at the end of the year 2010, I went through a very tough recruitment process and in the beautiful natural setting of Mallorca, I was admitted to the elite fraternity of the “Jomsvikings", bringing together the best fighters and most charismatic characters on the world "Viking” scene. I put on the fraternity ring on my finger and thus sanctioned my long-standing friendship with Josmvikings, repeatedly evidenced by our previously shared wonderful adventures and travels.

If someone would ask me who I was, I’d reply: “A Slav who practices as a Viking”.

Since 2016, we have expanded our previous activities as horsemen in DGT. This is how the section Triglav Pancerni came to live, where we do not cut corners. We equip the entire groups of members with period horse harnessing and riding accessories, we also unify the equipment. In this way, we became the first group in the world (in contrast to single warriors) systematically reconstructing the heavy cavalry of the Middle Ages (the times of Mieszko I and Boleslaw the Brave).


joms viking cover
Jomsvikings - Viking Stunt Fight
wideo oddtworstwo swadzba
"21st Century Viking Stories" Part 10 Slavic Wedding



My wider interests crossed with the needs of various museums and other institutions prompted me to actively take care of other ages, too. The first of these side projects has been implemented since 2005. The Goths/Barbarians of the 1st-2nd century CE, with whom we enlivened the Gothic Circle in Grzybnica near Koszalin, or the Romans and Barbarians festival in Biskupin in 2006. Until now, have brought them back to life when someone remembers them and is willing to show the audience who the former inhabitants of Poland were.

Polish Army in 1945

My disgust for the proudly posing SS-men, looking at me from the photos in the annual reports on the anniversary celebrations of the fights for the Pomeranian Wall and the Pomeranian Operation from 1945, aroused in me the need to overpower their image. So, in 2009, I organized an outfit of the Polish Army in the East (1945), referring to the 1st Army and accepting its bright and dark sides. We set off on the trail of fire and since then it's been our boys that we have seen on the covers of the papers and magazines. We have reached our goal, and the fashion followed.


Just for entertainment and due to the demand for shows, we occasionally turn into pirates, barely stylized for the golden age of piracy in the early 18th century. Well, women love pirates... Thank you, Johnny Depp'!

Ancient Greece

Since I was a small child, thanks to listening to Greek myths as provided by Jan Parandowski being read to me, I have been fascinated by the ancient Greece. In time, I got to understand its philosophy, system, religion, rituals, customs and of course the military technology, more fully. Especially the archaic and classical periods have a fascinating military history. For over a dozen years, I have collected (as slowly as nothing else), elements of armor for a few hoplites armed from the early fifth century BCE. This project is ongoing, but its time yet to come.

Odred Triglav, Serbia

For a short time, a small airsoft group was also active within DGT, which brought back in the historical realities of Serbian units from the wars of the 1990s. As in the case of World War II, it was possible to obtain many original elements of uniforms and equipment.


Over the years of doing business based on promoting history, I was often commissioned to organize historical performances on the occasion of important anniversaries or annual public holidays.

So, I settled in Szczecin in 1945 and fought the looters, I carried out activities on the Pomeranian front in 1919, I organized “Poland’s Wedding with the Sea”, by General Józef Haller in 1920, I took part in the events accompanying the introduction of the Martial Law at Stocznia Szczecińska in December 1981, I showed the stormy way of adopting the Constitution of May 3, and presented the transformations of the Polish flag on the occasion of the Flag Day. I have brought explosives to the site of the performance, along with antique civilian and military vehicles, including tanks, like the oldest tank in the service of the Polish Army, the French FT 17. From time to time, I have also been the impersonator of Boguslaw X, the Duke of West Pomerania.