Igor D. Górewicz

Consider, then do not hesitate

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Almost from the beginning of my living history adventure, I have had closer encounters with the camera lens (do not take this literally) and I have accumulated quite some experience since then. I have consulted, created and co-created scripts, I selected the costumes, props and locations, I directed the fight scenes, many times I was involved in casting, I organized the shootings, I have been a producer and executive producer. I played various characters, almost always with a sword or ax in hand. I have also had spoken roles, and I have taken main roles in fictionalized music videos.

Although far from being complete (i never took care of it, and only few producers put information about my contribution), my IMDb profile: IMDb icon

I have worked for large and small companies: television, cinema, in the creation of music videos by Grupa13, for Jerzy Hoffman, for the 20th Century Fox, TVP, TVN, Discovery, National Geographic, History, Arte and some other German television companies.

Short overwiew about some of my film activities, "Cultural Menu" show on TVP 3 Szczecin.