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What should I say? I grew up om metal and it has accompanied me to this day. When I was just 8 or 9 I succumbed to the allure of Iron Maiden covers and having listened to the records got me hooked for life (I think). As new sub-genre of metal developed, after discovering heavy, speed and thrash metal, I reached for death and black metal. There are too many terms to list here, and there seems to be no need to do so.

When I was still a kid, my otherwise quite definite musical taste also appreciated the exotic addition of Mike Oldfield. In high school and early university years, I also came to appreciate Nick Cave. This entire bunch of artists is still on my playlist. My upbringing also gave me a need for the company of classical music, however, I am extremely allergic to snobbery often associated with similar statements. As I grew older, the spectrum of what I would listen to expanded, and after many years it turned out that the broadly defined '80s music, which of course I rejected when the 80s lasted as “music for the disco boys”, were definitely the best. You can see that, although metal flows from the Dionysian element of my personality, the other fascinations are an Apollonian counterweight.

Guest appearances

Couple years ago i was showing Szczecin city to Alexander Krull of German death metal legends Atrocity and told him a story about a serial killer and possible cannibal Josph Cyppek nick named "Rzeźnik z Niebuszewa" (Butcher of Niebuszewo). Atrocity made a song about this horror events in which i read a real report of the crime scene and perform some additional screams. Here is "Cypka" song from "Occult III" album (released 2023):

atrocity video

In the short film below you can check a realy brief introduction to this story.

atrocity video cypka

Once again i did appear on Żywiołak "Dekonstrukcja historyczna I" 2022 album, where you can hear me singing and reciting.

COVER front scaled wideo

Late 2018 i was invited by Robert Jaworski to take part in recordings of new album "Wendzki sznyt" of his band Żywiołak. I was screaming, shouting, almost singing Morski król, Klątwa Wendów, Wendzki sznyt), but also reading and playing trombita (a traditional, wooden instrument).

Here's example under this link

igor zywiolak

In 2015, Daniel Potasz (Moonlight) and Joanna Lacher (ex-Percival) invited me to make a guest appearance in their project and we had some fun recording a cover of the “Pitbull Terrier" by Die Antwoord (yes, what you can hear deeper in the tracks sampled from Bregović).


Die - Andwoord - 02.09 cover
„Pitbull Terrier (Die Antwoord cover)”

In 2013, with great joy I recorded some voice effects for Percival Schuttenbach which were used in their song “Upiory” on their “Svantevit” album.


Parcival Svantevit cover
Percival Schuttenbach „Upiory”

SOUND OF TRIGLAV, czyli Archaicznie z Drużyną Grodu Trzygłowa

As nobody does live by Casus alone, as our living history group, in the evenings we dabble with the so-called archaic Slavic singing. This is not a musical project, but a preparation before the many nights at the camp fire during historical events. Just for fun, we have recorded “the song of songs”, called “Zoriushka”. The idea for the surprising clash of the music and the image was accepted enthusiastically, albeit not by everyone ;)

zoriuszka video

Casus Belli

See Casus Belli’s YouTube channel

I would not include a “Music” tab in my website just to brag bout my record collection. In 1999, the CASUS BELLI band was formed, where I became the lead singer and where I was responsible for the aesthetics. We founded it not to kill the excess of time but in order to make music. So, literally from the first rehearsal, we were preparing material for our first album, and in the spring of 2000 we entered the studio to record what we entitled “Kalos Kai Agathos”. Two editions were released, the first underground one by Hellvis Rec., and the other by Metal Mind Productions. Then came the contracts, tours and record signing...

Our music was defined as black metal, then as black-death metal or melodic black metal. The debut album featured such songs as the title “Kalos Kai Agathos”, “Amber” or “One Idea at the Break of New Dawn” and a non-typical “ballad”, “O Wzgardzicielach ciała”. A rebellious, mighty horned Copernicus by the invaluable Stanisław Szukalski was adorned the cover.


kalos kai agathos mini cover
„Kalos Kai Agathos”
kalos kai agathos mini cover
kalos kai agathos mini cover
„One Idea at the Break of New Dawn”
kalos kai agathos mini cover
„O Wzgardzicielach ciała”


However, this was all easy-come, easy-go. We somehow we could not and did not want to bend to meet the requirements of the market and as a result, we went our separate ways to go on with our lives. I then dedicated myself completely to historical reenactment, which is why I started my own business.

Every few years, we made minor attempts to reactivate, and recorded single tracks, which resulted in the release of two EPS - “Sequel of Generations" published in 2011 by my publishing company Triglav and “Hel-Ios” released in 2016 by Putrid Records, from whom you can purchase it .

At this stage, and therefore from approx. 2010, or as you prefer it, as Casus Belli 2.0, we have not shunned from follow our fascinations which happen not to be directly associated with metal. So, we gave vent to different ideas. Songs like "The Circle”, which is typical for us, would still come up, however, we reached for more literary quotations designated by "O Wzgardzicielach", and recorded “(Wyspiańskiego) Modlitwa do Słońca” and “Pieśń Bojana”. Even Oldfield cover of "Five Miles Out" and a kind of a neofolk(?) song „Krak V2” being a new take on the older song, “Krak syn Ludoli”.


generations mini cover
„The Circle”
hell ios mini cover
„(Wyspiańskiego) Modlitwę do Słońca”
generations mini cover
„Pieśń Bojana”
hell ios mini cover
„Five miles Out (Miles Oldfield cover”


krak v2 video

After a 10 years’ break, on December 19, 2015, we once again stood on the stage to play the only concert for the Szczecin audience.

After all these years we do not care "what people say", and sometimes we do the unexpected

krak v2 video